22.8.2022 – Rainy weather caused troubles in ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring event – Finn continues in 2nd position at Juniors standings

In current season the Flying Finn Konsta Lappalainen, age of 21, competes in two highly competitive GT-racing series. Now in 5th racing weekend of ADAC GT Masters series, which was driven in german circuit of Lausitzring, he and his austrian team mate Mick Wishofer were left far behind of their goals.

In first of two 60 minute races, which were driven in rainy summer conditions, Konsta and Mick were steadly in 6th position in overall classifications until for the penultimate lap. However Wishofer was caught by thick rain as firstly he spun out from the circuit and secondly he hit heavily their fellow rivan when re-entering back to circuits. Therefore the duo was forced to retire the race as there was just one lap to be driven.

In second 60 miten race they were unable to get to the same pace and therefore 16th position in overall and 10th in juniors standings was far behind their goals they had set for the racing weekend. However as also their rivals were caught by unlucky events, Lappalainen and Wishofer continues in silver position in Juniors standings as there are still four 60 minute races to be driven.

– We did superb job untile penultimate lap of the first race. Even the conditions were more than trickly, I was able to push us an excellent starting position in qualifyings. Then I also defended the position for the whole of my stint. However heavy rain poured down after drivers change and therefore my team mate Mick Wishofer was in troubles. Then in penultimate lap he spun and in rejoining the circuit he heavily hit to the rear of our fellow competitor. It was a frustrating end for the excellent weekend so far, Lappalainen tells.

– For the qualifyings of 2nd race we didn’t find a desired touch and therefore also the race was just driving far behind top drivers. Therefore 16th position in overall and 10th in juniors was also a big dissapointment. However as also our fellow rivals were in troubles we managed to keep the 2nd position in juniors standings and therefore there will be hellowa four races in ADAC GT Masters ahead of us, Lappalainen continues.

For all Finns the Lausitzring racing weekend was miserable as also Jesse Krohn, Elias Seppänen and Juuso Puhakka were all also left far behind of their goals. Next event of Konsta Lappalainen is to be driven in first weekend of September at penultimate round of GT World Challenge Endurance, which is to be driven in German circuit of Hockenheimring.

Final results ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring, Saturday 20th August 2022: Overall top-3:

1. Christian Engelhart (GER) & Ayhancan Güven (TUR), Porsche 911 GT3 R, 37 laps
2. Albert Costa Balboa (ESP) & Jack Aitken (GBR), Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, +1.440s
3. Maximilian Paul (GER) & Marco Mapelli (ITA), Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, +14.381

ret. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) & Mick Wishofer (AUT), crash

Final results ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring, Sunday 21st August 2022: Overall top-3:

1. Tim Zimmermann (GER) & Christopher Mies (GER), Audi R8 LMS evo II GT3, 43 laps
2. Albert Costa Balboa (ESP) & Jack Aitken (GBR), Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, +1.072s
3. Raffaele Marciello (ITA) & Daniel Juncadella (ESP), Mercedes-AMG GT3, +19.243s

16. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) & Mick Wishofer (AUT), Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO, 40.366s

ADAC GT Masters 2022 standings: 10/14 rounds, juniors top-5:

1. Ben Green (GBR) & Niklas Krütten (GER), Schubert Motorsport, 174p
2. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) & Mick Wishofer (AUT), Emil Frey Racing, 135p
3. Joel Sturm (GER), Allied-Racing, 131p
4. Jusuf Owega (GER), Montaplast by Land-Motorsport, 125p
5. Fabian Schiller (GER), Drago Racing Team ZVO, 121p